People, Planet, Profit!

December 3, 2014

Exceeding Our Budget And Subsidising Fossil Fuel Exploration

We know we are spending more than we are earning, that we have a problem that is not going away. New areas for cuts are being investigated but not our fossil fuel subsidies. There is little discussion about this…why?? Fossil […]
November 30, 2014

Our Democracy: Party Politics, Mediocrity And Us…

As a Victorian, after a lacklustre election campaign, and my own disullusionment with constant party political rhetoric in the media at the expense of rational public debates, I read with interest Cassandra Wilkinson’s article ‘Government Needs To Be Simplified To […]
November 27, 2014

Australia’s First Community-Owned Energy Retailer?

Lateline 26 November interviewed Alison Crook AO, spokesperson for a new NSW consortium, Northern Rivers Energy (NRE), which has won a $54,000 grant for a business plan and feasibility study for Australia’s first community-owned energy retailer. They have plans to […]
November 9, 2014

Good Spender: Buy Social & Make A Difference This Christmas

Thinking of the looming commercialism of Christmas PWF is delighted to remind you of the Good Spender website so your Christmas spend can have a social impact – for both individuals and for communities. About Social Enterprise And Good Spender […]
October 1, 2014

A Successful Community Investment In ‘Micro Hydro’

The UK’s Stockport Community Hydro is a successful example of community investment. In this case, an English community near Manchester has invested in a micro hydro project, something that could be replicated here in Australia. Financed By Crowd Sourcing The […]
September 30, 2014

‘Daughter Water’ Addressing Gender Pay Gap..

Daughter Water for CEOs uses humour to tackle the ongoing gender pay gap for equal work in Australia. International research shows that shortly after male CEOs become father to a baby daughter, his female staff get a direct benefit AND […]
September 28, 2014

A Community Kindness App: ‘Help Me Help You’

The Helpmehelpyou app is ‘a helping hand within arm’s reach’- a great idea, and free. The app allows carers, parents and sick people to stay in touch. It puts out a call to friends or family for help with a […]
September 28, 2014

The Financial Advice Industry? Exercise Care..

Respected business columnist and author, Adele Ferguson, reports that all it takes to qualify as a financial planner is an eight-day diploma known as RG146. After the sector has been shown to be riddled with ‘fraud, forgery and low education […]
September 26, 2014

Can Communities Combat ISIL Youth Radicalisation Via Social Media?

After the knife attack in Melbourne and the shooting of Numan Haider we are all asking just what causes the radicalisation of young people born and raised here in Australia.Young Muslims in England have started the #Notinmyname Twitter campaign and […]
September 11, 2014

Democracy? Ideology? Coalition Stance On The RET?

In this democracy of ours, clearly many of us think the RET is good. Recent PWF posts show that lots of people and community groups are doing something about a problem the world is facing. So, WHAT exactly is driving […]
August 24, 2014

The ‘Air Car’ – Imagine Fuelling Up With Compressed Air?

I was amazed when I first heard about a ‘compressed air car‘, designed by an ex-Formula one engineer/environmentalist, and being developed by his company MDI in France, as well as by the large Indian carmaker, Tata Motors. NO petrol, and […]
August 24, 2014

Help Solar Citizens Skywrite A Message To Canberra?

The Solar Citizens organisation is planning a huge message in the sky over Parliament House, Canberra, on Wednesday (August 27). As I write they are about $1000.00 short of their $14,000 target. They say: “Tony Abbott and the government are […]